About Mark / Portfollio

From the age of 8 years Mark wanted to either be a Chef or a Farrier, at one time both but his love of horses won the day. (He is still a mean cook however).

Mark  served a four and a half year apprenticeship with Robin May Dip AWCF in Berkshire. Whilst with Robin he shod the Queens polo horses and many top eventers. Mark qualified and set up his business in 2002.

Marks taken part in many shoe making and horse shoeing competitions and regularly demonstrates shoeing of shire horses at county shows.

Mark runs a busy successful farrier business in Staffordshire and it’s reputation of high quality shoeing and hoof care have meant numbers of clients have grown.

Mark is committed to CPD Continual professional Development and takes every opportunity to attend seminars on new techniques and materials.

  • Mark works on horses and with owners in all equine disciplines below is a list of some of the more common areas Mark has experience of :-

    Team Chasing/Polo/Racing
    Shire Horses
    Youngsters and Veterans
    Remedial shoeing
    Imprint shoes
    Remedial trimming for Laminitics
    Hoof crack repair
    Hoof balance
    Working with vets to overcome hoof problems and lameness.

    Mark is committed to continuous professional development, CPD,  to ensure the latest techniques and materials are available where appropriate for his customers